Prayer Declaration for Our Church

Father, we declare that…

Praise and Worship

  • Our worship services are filled with anointed, heavenly praise and worship of God that stills the enemy
  • We are the true worshippers that worship the Father in spirit and truth
  • God inhabits our praise and manifests His glory in our worship services
  • The anointing is upon our worship team and all musical presentations in full measure
  • During our worship services, times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord

Signs and Wonder

  • The power of God is present in our services and the word is being confirmed with signs, wonders, and miracles
  • The anointing flows mightily, removing burdens, destroying yokes, driving out demons and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people

Sowing and Reaping

  •  Everyone hears and obeys God’s voice in their giving
  • All the members of the congregation are tithers
  • The windows of heaven are open in our lives, blessings are overtaking us and the devourer is rebuked
  • We are cheerful givers, sowing bountifully and reaping bountifully

Preaching and Teaching

  • The preaching and teaching is in demonstration of the spirit and of power
  • We are cheerful givers, sowing bountifully and reaping bountifully
  • The word comes forth unhindered and unchecked by any outside force
  • All satanic interference is bound and the heavenly presence of God, His mercy, power and grace are loosed
  • The spirit of wisdom and revelation is poured out upon people

Salvation of the Lost

  • The lost and the backslider are being drawn with loving kindness and tender mercy
  • The blinders are removed from their minds and the light of the glorious gospel is shining in their hearts
  • They receive revelation and knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ

We loose the angels of God, as ministering spirits to go forth at the sound of our words and see to it that these declarations are established and performed.

In Jesus Name, Amen.