Summer of Souls Confession

Father, you are the Almighty God and there’s none like you. Your kingdom rules over all kingdoms in the earth. In the name of Jesus, we lift up this year’s Summer of Souls outreach crusade to you, and we pray for a mighty outpouring of your spirit upon this summer event. We declare that the spirit upon this summer event. We declare that the spirit of the Lord is upon our Apostle, and you have anointed Him to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, bring deliverance to the bound, recovery of sight to the blind and bring liberty to those who are oppressed. He will minister the word in demonstration of the spirit and of power.

We declare every speaker, all ministries of helps will flow with the anointing, causing burdens to be lifted and yokes destroyed. We agree that every demonic stronghold will be broken over the lives of the people. Therefore, those who come will be healed, delivered, and made whole. We declare and agree for the salvation of multitude of souls. Therefore, we bind every demonic agent, every generational curse, and every evil force that has set itself up within a 5 mile radius from all 4 directions of 7414 S. Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago, IL. We decree divine judgement upon all satanic activities.

We condemn and silence every voice that rises against this crusade and move of God. We thank you that all finances have been met, with much more left over to put in store. We also decree that we reap and keep every new convert, and disciple them to be strong and mighty warriors for the Lord. We confess all of these things with our mouth and believe in our hearts. Therefore, we thank you that it’s already done in Jesus name, Amen!

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